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RET Online Course

Transform Your Stress into Peace & Power Now

If you feel uptight and anxious from daily stressers like: work, money, relationship problems or just trying to keep up with a full schedule THIS is the program for you! I'm Paula K Bronte Mret, a master Rapid Eye Technician and healing expert in the field of stress and anxiety-causing patterns with 20 years of experience helping people gain freedom and feel happier in a short amount of time. I’ve helped thousands of clients release stress, repair relationships and heal mind, body and soul with Rapid Eye Technology and Immediate Release techniques that are super effective and simple to learn.


According to the above 2014 Stress Statistics from the American Psychological Association over 70% of Adults report they feel stress or anxiety on a daily basis.

Top Causes of Stress in the U.S. Cause Factors

1 Job Pressure Co-Worker Tension, Bosses, Work Overload

2 Money Loss of Job, Reduced Retirement, Medical Expenses

3 Health Health Crisis, Terminal or Chronic Illness

4 Relationships Divorce, Death of Spouse, Arguments with Friends, Loneliness

5 Poor Nutrition Inadequate Nutrition, Caffeine, Processed Foods, Refined Sugars

6 Media Overload Television, Radio, Internet, E-Mail, Social Networking

7 Sleep Deprivation Inability to release adrenaline and other stress hormones


I’m here to tell you that in most cases…stress is easier to manage and heal than you know.

Other healing programs don’t usually emphasize learning and using your body’s innate, natural stress-management mechanisms to create balance and peace. That’s exactly why this program is different than the rest.

A Peaceful, Empowered Life in Less Time!

With these Tools for Transforming Stress into Peace and Power you will learn how to systematically improve your well-being with:  brain-altering eye movements, tapping into your nervous system to release stress-causing messages, and getting grounded. All this while building your capacity to sleep better, improve self-care and increase confidence. This approach dramatically transforms how you feel…even under conditions that would normally cause stress or anxiety--- in just minutes a day!

Here’s what you’ll get in online course:

  • Your life back – stress can kill your energy levels and make it difficult to do the things you love in life. This program gives you the tools and practice you need to feel whole and happy to be alive.

  • 10 videos that give you time with me guiding you through valuable lessons and teaching you how to use the tools in your Tool Box. You will feel like you are in my office spending one-on-one time with me as I coach you to create the changes you want.

  • A Full Rapid Eye Session that will bring you into immediate calm and peace. Each time you watch this session and do it with me you will find yourself becoming more focused and capable of staying centered and calm even in situations that used to be stressful.

  • Immediate Release Techniques… these are a vital part of Rapid Eye Technology. These techniques will give you the power to respond to life’s challenges with greater ease and grace than ever before…in just seconds.

  • Even when you've completed the course, you'll have lifetime access to revisit your favorite days or sections anytime you want!

With this course you will:

  • Manage everyday stress better than ever before …your nervous system and neurological response to stress will be trained to perceive external stimuli in a more calming manner.

  • Activate your brain to become a powerful creator. Through movement of your eyes you will activate the corpus colostrum and increase your brain’s capacity to see the details as well as the big picture; to ask the right questions and access your own answers.

  • Trade in what you don’t want for what you do want by tapping into your meridian system and making powerful, deliberate choices about what you would rather feel and experience.

  • Use the Law of Attraction to create opportunities and claim your ability to improve any area of your life. Using the Super Power we call ATTENTION will allow you to become Master of your destiny.

  • Ground and experience your own inner strength in a way that empowers you to develop healthy boundaries and a deep sense of self-appreciation.

This course will enable you to alleviate stress and experience Peace and Power in your life.
Who should take this course:

  • Anyone who struggles with daily stress such as work pressure, money, relationship and family challenges.  

  • Those who juggle a full schedule and have too much on their plate.

  • Anyone dealing with grief, divorce or big life changing events.

  • Professionals such as therapists, counselors, coaches and teachers

  • Survivors of physical, mental, emotional or religious abuse.

  • This is an ALL- LEVELS course…everyone can benefit from it.

Day 1: Welcome, Quick Release, Quick Release Tool
Introduce your left brain to your right brain. Learn an instant tool to deescalate, calm down, and get centered when you’ve hit that “crazy button.”  Learn how to stop being stuck in the left brain details and move forward into the creative, bigger picture view of the right brain.


Day 2: Trade Up  & Trade Up Tool
Trade in what you don’t want for what you do want. Trade what’s “ok” for even better. Trade who you are expected to be for who you truly are. This management tool allows you to make a different choice. It allows you to release those feelings that keep you stuck and activate feelings that accelerate change.


Day 3: Grounding & Grounding Tool (including RET session)
Connect your electrical circuitry and experience life from a place of clarity. This tool teaches you to eliminate the confusion that arises when we are hooked into other people’s feelings and thoughts. It is an effective tool for moving beyond co-dependence in relationships. When we are grounded, we are present and clear about who we are and can allow others to be who they are. We embrace possibilities that we didn’t think we could.

Day 4: Attention, Please! & Attention/Focus Tools (including RET session)
Discover your greatest superpower.
You cannot manage or change what you are not aware of. Develop the ability to notice what you focus on and what it is creating in your life. Harness the superpower of your attention to become the powerful creator you are and manifest your greatest desires.

Day 5: Universal Matchmaker & Universal Matchmaker Tools (including RET session) 

Are you on good terms with the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction states that what you focus your attention on is what comes to you. This “matchmaker” will bring to you those life experiences that most reflect your thoughts and feelings. Joining forces with this “matchmaker” allows you to become a powerful creator in your life.

+2 Bonus Tools to enhance your peace and power

How does it work?

You receive videos that are yours to keep and use indefinitely. 

Get Started Now

You decide how much to pay: $10, $25 or $40 for the entire course that you can use indefinitely. 

You decide how much you pay 

For the entire course

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