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           Magrit B.

Paula is a wonderful guide into the world of self-discovery and healing. She is highly intuitive and skilled, with a warm sense of humor and an obvious passion for her work.

        Ginny Redpath, LMP

Paula’s business is aptly named and here is why I feel that to be true. I have been in counseling for my own personal growth, off and on during the years. With the right counselor it has been helpful, insightful and I’ve learned some tools to assist in handling situations myself.

By way of personal referral from a friend I found my curiosity peaked and made the initial appointment with Paula. Knowing that it is best to give new experiences a number of chances I went back several times and am now a regular one or two times per month. My experience with Rapid Eye Technology and Paula  is that she clears old deep belief’s in a single session so that next visit a new belief can be addressed. Paula shares valuable tools for self help in order that the adventure can continue on a daily basis independently. Ultimately the goal is to get a session with Paula as needed or when stuck. I feel a great deal of integrity in Paula’s work and recommend her to all that are open and receptive to a new approach.

           Jen C.

In one session, the deep pain and sadness I had been carrying with me for years was finally gone. The peace this has brought to my life is invaluable.

           Diane Cocker

I love Paula and her RET work! My life has changed in ways I never imagined. Not only am I now calm and present but I am experiencing more success in my life then ever before. Everyone needs RET!

           Heidi Day

I enjoy Paula’s work very much. I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to improve their well being.

         Paul G. Rubin, DDS

This is a technique that I and several people I know have had some experience and success with. I think it’s worth checking out for anyone interested in seriously pursuing a healthier, freer, fuller life. RET sessions are done individually with a master RET practitioner. One way to describe what happens is that harmful or negative blocks that have been controlling and limiting your perception and your life, are systematically cleared. It’s done in a safe and comfortable setting. It allows you to effectively and powerfully clear old baggage and replace it with healthier and more life-affirming energy. The results can be truly transformational.




What to expect

Length  60 to 90 minutes

Frequency 1 to 3 times a week or spread out bi-weekly or monthly.



Sessions begin with setting a powerful intention.



From there we clear any current, presenting issues that may be distracting you.



Then we focus on releasing the core beliefs that are holding your unwanted patterns in place and replacing them with beliefs that are in alignment with who you are. We create a new pattern.



Sessions end with a Spiritual High Frequency Closing, which assists in opening and balancing chakras.



You will be empowered with various tools, techniques and practices to use between sessions to ensure that you process and heal at the deepest level with ease and comfort.

While in session you will naturally move to deeper levels of consciousness such at Theta and sometimes as deep as Delta. Accessing various levels of brain activity assists you in developing healing rhythms that continue between sessions. You are always aware of what is happening and actively participating throughout the session.


Healing from disease & illness

Dis-ease is the voice of chronic stress and imbalance.


As a former staff member at Holistic Healing Arts (HHA) ( working remotely with patients whose healing process is dramatically improved through Rapid Eye Technology.


Disease often has its roots in childhood trauma. Clearing away the pain of the past and replacing it with hope allows greater healing to take place.


The doctors at HHA observed that the results of treatment increase significantly after a few sessions.

          Nancy Rubin

RET, with Paula Bronte as my facilitator, has truly changed my life for the better. It has helped me release patterns that have plagued me since childhood and changed all of my relationships. After years of traditional therapy and counseling I've finally found a process that can clear the patterns, not just uncover them. The changes I have experienced have been profound and permanent.


Healing from abuse

In over 20 years as a Master Rapid Eye Technician I have observed that approximately 85% of my clients have experienced abuse of some kind - emotional, physical and sexual. The latter being the most prevalent.


The road to wholeness for these clients begins with the release of trauma from the pathways of the brain, the muscle memory in the body and the scars of the heart.  


It has been my privledge to witness true transformation take place after just a few sessions.


Often abuse creates therapy resistance. We can't talk these devistating imprints out of the body.


But once they are released then new information and a new way of being emerges. 

Areas of Expertise 

1. Release blocks impeding your success

2, Create a powerful connection with abundance of health & wealth

3. Experience the power to manifest as never before
4. Expand into the truth of your Life purpose

5. Feel the glory and harmony of blance in your relationships

6. Know that true happiness and peace can be a choice

          C. G. 

RET, with Paula Bronte has changed my life. When I went to her I had severe complex PTSD, 30-50 panic attacks daily among many other issues, and I had tried every other type of traditional and alternative healing modality with little success of change and healing. I was interested in healing quickly so I did my first five sessions of RET in a row, and I was free of panic attacks.  I've continued to have rapid eye sessions, and the healing that has occurred is phenomenal. I no longer have depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, and even lost weight. The best part is now I've learned to manifest my desires. I have a new life, and I'm so grateful as I've released all of the stuff that caused so much of the diseases, pain and suffering.  Thank you, Paula! 

Practioners of Healing Arts 

We, who choose to serve humanity through the healing arts, can only be as effective as we are healed and whole ourselves.


Self-care, continued growth and deep transformatiional work are of vital importance to the practioner.

To sit with another's pain while presencing a frequency that vibrates above that pain is the source and ultimately the cause of healing.


We owe it to ourselves to stay healthy and happy, and we owe it to our clients to be all we can be as we accompany them on their inner journey.


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