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1. Release blocks that impede your success
2. Experience intentional change to release stress        & elevate relationships
3. Expand into your talents, abilities, skills and              passions
4. Step into your personal power & create what you      want 
What can Rapid Eye do for you?

phone: 206-261-2046

1399 S 700 E #4

Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Contact Paula:

Paula K Bronte, MRET

In The Blink of An Eye

1399s 700e #4

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105


What is Rapid Eye Technology?


Rapid Eye Technology (RET) clears neural pathways of the

harmful information controlling your perception and your life. 

This information is quickly cleared and new information set

in place allowing your life experience to be transformed

into one of authentic power, peace and productivity.


You can change your life by changing your brain.


Due to the plasticity of the brain, you have millions of tiny

grooves in your brain called neural pathways. They store

emotional memory and keep you tied to the original cause

of unwanted patterns.


 Emotions such as fear, anxiety and grief get trapped in these pathways and the body causing stress, depression, addiction and other forms of dis-ease. Releasing those emotions, and the accompanying data that support them, will transform your entire being, heart, soul, mind and body. 


Life becomes easier. Joy happens!


There is a spiritual component of RET that completes the work, allowing all four aspects of your being to be healed - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.That’s why RET works. All parts of yourself are recognized, cleared, strengthened and healed.


Drop the old baggage, set yourself free.



Receive Your Quick Release Tool

FREE video to transform your stress into peace & power in just moments a day. 

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